Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The next few days may find the blog a little thin and weak.  I am taking a quick trip down to Alabama to visit with Elaine, her kids, and her grandkids.  I'll be back in Kansas City on Sunday night so on Monday the blog should be back up at full speed once again.

I'll have some opportunities to pick up on some new stories.  People watching will abound on this trip.  First I will have a people watching session at Kansas City International as I await to board the plane that will take me to Memphis, Tennessee.  A fairly long layover in Memphis will give me another people watching session before I head on to Birmingham.

I plan on attending a couple of baseball games that my great nephew will be playing in and trust me, people watching does not get much better than when it is at a little league baseball game.

I'll come back with stories of the kids and what they say and do and how they act.  This is what makes up this blog.  It is a blog of life.  Stories of life.  I never thought I would be keeping this blog going this long or that I had as many stories in me as I have come up with.  Like Elaine says though, I got fifty four years worth of stories in my head.  The problem is getting them dug out and written down.  A lot of those life stories over the last fifty four years have been erased out of a need for survival.

I also plan on writing about some of my darkest days on this earth.  Those days have taken up about the last ten years or so of my life.  I am getting to the point where I think some of my readers should know who I am and what has happened over those days.  Perhaps I'll have enough time to do a series on those days while I am at Elaine's house.

More people watching will be available as Elaine and I drive back to Kansas City on Sunday.  The open road is full of stories if you just look around you.

We'll be making a stop in St Louis to visit my Uncle Jack and Aunt June for a bit.  I really want to stop there and visit with them.  I haven't had a real visit with them since Uncle Dan died almost two years ago.  During Dan's illness, Jack and June came across the state every two weeks or so to help take care of Dan.  It was a huge help and they will never know how grateful all of us in Kansas City were when they would come over to help.

I do appreciate all of the people who read this blog.  It makes it worthwhile.  I started writing it as a tool for myself and now it has become a part of my life.  I feel like something is missing if I miss a day putting something on the blog and I feel like I am cheating the reader's if I post a song or a poem instead of a writing.  Sometimes my head gets stuck in park and I can't write on certain days.  Those days are becoming fewer though as I come to terms with a lot of things in my past, in things I had to deal with and now in things I am dealing with or will deal with in the future.

So this short trip to Alabama should be good for me.  It should give my brain a little rest.  All I am asking is that anyone who is a regular reader of this blog, be assured it will be back to full speed in just a few days.

Meanwhile I am going to be visiting and relaxing..  I'll be watching some baseball and watching kids and how they grow up.

Alabama, while being no Missouri at all, is still a beautiful state with very good people living there.

I am truly thinking though that the time is getting close to get really serious about some of the things in my life on this blog.  That is what I will be thinking about part of the time I am down there.

Is it time to just open up the true real me for the world?  I don't know.  I feel like it may be time.  I feel like it would do me good.  I feel like I want to open myself up to a degree.

I also feel really scared in doing so.

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