Friday, July 18, 2014


I have lived on this earth for fifty-six years and i finally learned a couple of lessons in life.  The biggest lesson I have learned is not to trust anybody, not even myself.  People are human and it seems to me, from my perspective anyway concerning myself, is that people have an agenda, a personal agenda and they will do whatever it takes to achieve it.  They will push me around, push me aside, walk all over me to get to where they want to be.  There have been people that I have wanted to trust, who I felt I could trust, but eventually it comes down to the same thing and that is that I had better stay out of their way as they progress in their own life.  They don't care about me, only themselves so it is that I had better step aside or get run over.

I am not going to specify any details of how this has come to light.  I began thinking it several years ago.  Each time I thought it or would express it, I was told that I was thinking wrong and I would go back to trusting and believing only to get run over and stomped on again and again.  I am not saying I am above this behavior, I am sure there have been times when I have done the same thing, but I don't think I have ever treated anyone the way that others have treated me over my lifetime.

Maybe I am just over sensitive.  That is definitely a distinct possibility.  I am the kind of person who doesn't say a lot because when I do, I always end up in trouble with people being angry with me.  It seems that I am suppose to follow everyone's script instead of my own.  Well, It doesn't feel like I am even allowed to have a script for my own life.  Just however other's lives effect my life is how it is suppose to be and whatever twist and turns my life takes while being pushed and shoved by others is suppose to be okay with me.  Just go with it no matter how much pain or anxiety it may cause me.

On second thought, there is a script to my life, it is just that everyone else has written mine for me.  There is a little Super 8 film of me when I was not quite two.  It is apparent that I had not been walking long, my balance wasn't that great.  As I was walking around on the sidewalk one cousin in particular would walk up to me and just give a little shove.  Down I would go.  I would get back up only to have the same thing happen once again.  The lesson I should have learned was to just stay on the ground.  I didn't learn it then and I seem to be having a tough time learning it now.  Just stay down, do what is expected of you, and don't even think about having a life of your own.  That is the message I seem to keep missing.

I am ready for life to be over.  There have been so many people I knew that died before they should have and each time I hurt with the pain of wanting to trade places with them.  They had much more to offer the world than I do.  But life doesn't work that way.  Life is not fair and the people around you make sure that life continues to not be fair.  Do not trust anyone.

There was a television show on that I use to watch all the time.  It was called "House" and was a comedy drama about a doctor and how he made it through life.  One of his main philosophies was that"Everybody lies".  That is oh so true.  I know that I have done my share of lying as has everyone.  But at time the lies can be so viscous, so hurtful that I wonder how anyone could go on telling lies as such.  A lot of times a lie will only be a half truth .... not really a LIE because it is the truth, just not all of the truth so that in reality, it is a lie because it leads someone to believe something that isn't true.  Those are probably the worse kind.

Right now I feel like there is no life for me.  My life consist of doing what others expect of me and what others expect of me does not include a lot of me in the equation.  I am not deserving of my own life, but my job is to make sure everyone else is able to live their life by using me, pushing me, walking all over me.  That is what life has become I think.

Anyway, the sad part is that I have learned to let people walk over me, push me aside and get upset when I don't do what is expected of me.  That's okay.  All I have to do is to ride it out until the ride is over.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I know that a lot of you out there that check in on this blog once in a while sometimes have reason to think to yourselves, "Nixon again???  How often can we take the truth about President Nixon from this guy?"  Well I do admit I do have somewhat of a fascination with President Nixon.  Oh I have other Presidents that capture my imagination on how they built the public perception of them that history has written.  Those Presidents that I have strong feelings about, one way or the other are John Adams, Wilson, Reagan, Kennedy, Truman, FDR, Carter, the Clintons, Bush 43 and especially Obama.  I don't believe I have ever seen a President get a pass the way President Obama has so far in his time in charge (I use the words "in charge" loosely here).

 Of that list of Presidents the most honest man who held the office has to be President Carter.  I don't think anyone would or could argue with that.  One thing that President Carter did teach us is that being too honest can hurt what you are able to accomplish as President.  Along with Carter but not near on the level he was, I would place President Nixon next on the list along with President Adams.  Yet Nixon has been demonized during his whole political career by opponents, the press, and history in general.  I don't see Nixon that way and most of you know that I don't.  Most of you also know the reason I feel that way about President Nixon.  Lord knows I have written enough blog entries here to let everyone know what I think and examples of how history and the American press and people have based the Nixon with untruths that seem to become fact as time goes on by.

Usually there has been something happen to trigger these Nixon posts and this is no exception.  First though, a quick listing of things that President Nixon has had to suffer under by way of those who like to keep him demonized.  Those that I am referring to consider and call the President such things as "a liar, a crook, dishonest, abused his office and power, " etc .... you all know the list by now.  Nixon was a paranoid, lying crook who misled the American people for close to fifty years.

I won't spend a lot of time once again relating all of the accomplishments of President Nixon, but I will get right to the point and that involves President Clintons and President Obama.  Oh, for get the Clintons, I have already written about the dishonesty and impeachable offenses that they did, like suborned perjury, committed perjury, lied many many times to the American people, set the office of the Presidency up for possible blackmail, removed FBI files and held them in the White House during the Whitewater investigation ... blah blah blah get the idea about the Clintons.

President Obama, however has shown how times have changed from the early seventies up until today.  There have been plenty of situations in the Obama White House that had they happened during Nixonian times, would have been way past impeachable offenses.  But of all of the things that have happened during the Presidents administration, one really jumps out and a direct comparison to the Nixon administration can be made.  I gave long thought before writing this.  Nixon's legacy is burned into the minds of liberals and Democrats alike and into the history books, even though the majority of what is written about the President is false.  Minds will never be changed about President Nixon, so why do I bother pointing out the obvious?  I have not heard one news report make the comparison between the IRS emails, the Whitewater FBI files and the Nixon tapes.  I somehow feel like SOMEONE needs to point it out ... might as well be little read, little old me.  So here goes.

During the Watergate fiasco, Alexander Butterfield testified about a taping system that taped all conversations in the Oval office of President Nixon.  Naturally, the Senate was intrigued by this idea and immediately sent a subpena to the White House asking that the tapes be delivered for review.  President Nixon challenged  the subpena to the Supreme Court and lost.  He then did what would be expected of a man holding the office that he did.  He complied with the Supreme Courts decision and sent the tapes over to the Senate.  Okay, President Nixon did not at first send the actual tapes, but rather a transcript of the tapes with all topics such as National Security and personal family talks redacted out.  Technically it met the requirements of the Supreme Court but wasn't exactly what the Senate wanted.  A few more trips to the Supreme Court and eventually the Senate got what they had asked for.  In other words, President Nixon complied with the law.  As a matter of fact he more than complied with the law.  He sent more tapes than were listed on the subpena listed.  This was typical of the Nixon administration.  Many people wondered why he hadn't destroyed the tapes?  It would have been an easy thing to do and probably would have put an end to the whole Watergate scandal.  That wasn't what Richard Nixon was made of though.  He would not lie to the American people (i.e. the Cambodia and Laos bombings that saved thousands of American lives) he would not buy off the figures in the Watergate scandal, he basically did his job to the best of his ability.  It wasn't good enough though as the press continued to chase him and a truly bipartisan congress (unlike the Clinton impeachment where the Democrats vowed they would never vote against the President no matter what facts were brought out) advised him to resign.  Nixon did not with hold any evidence, did not destroy evidence but rather complied fully with the system that would drive him out of office.

President Obama however, has a very different scenario.  It became known through a whistle blower that the Administration and the IRS had decided to make life hard on any conservative .group that may cause the President problems.  The facts began to come out that the targets were hounded and penalized for not dotting every "i" and crossing every "t" in their tax reports.  The idea was to drive these groups out of the business of standing for what they believed to be right and make a clear path for Democrats now as well as in the future.  The President's appointed hed of the IRS, Lois Lerner, was called to Capitol Hill to testify on the matter.  She gave an opening statement that portrayed her agency as she wanted it to be seen, then refused to answer the tough questions coming from the Senate committee.  That in and of itself was dishonest.  You either take the fifth and keep quiet or you cooperate and testify honestly.  After a few months of wrangling with Ms Lerner, she resigned from her post without having answered any of the accusations against her, the IRS and the President.  A few weeks ago the Senate subpenaed all of Ms Lerners e-mails during the time in question figuring that they would give answers to what really was going on.  After a week or so of waiting, the Senate was told that all of the e-mails were gone.  Apparently the hard drive on her computer crashed, the hard was destroyed and thrown away.  There was no way to get back the emails that would tell the truth about what went on with the IRS targeting certain groups of American society.  Let me say that again ... ALL OF THE EMAILS ARE GONE.  How convenient.

It would be so nice to be able to ask, why didn't they destroy the emails?  We can't do that however.  Why didn't President Nixon burn the tapes?  I think the answer to that is quite obvious.  President Nixon had respect for the law and for the Office of the Presidency.  President Obama, or Clintons for that matter, do not hold that same respect for the law.  I wonder if they have ANY respect for the law.

This is just another example of how President Nixon's whole career was demonized and ruined by the same type of people who would have burned the tapes, and that kind of person is President Obama..