Monday, March 21, 2016


In all the history that has been made,
In all the history that is yet to come,
There was, is and always will be one Carol.

A young couple gave life to their first born
Carol morphed that young couple into a small family
She would lead the way for siblings to come as the small family grew.

Carol never sought the spotlight for herself.
Carol lead the siblings by example
Even through clashes with the siblings, Carol sought peace.

Carol was determined and when her mind was set, things would happen.
Her jaw would clench a little and a small spark would light her eyes
and the thing she had decided upon would take shape and would be achieved.

Carol was loving and forgiving, seeking an end to conflicts that may arise
She was an expert listener as siblings and friends opened up to her with good or bad.
She was the kind of listener that looked the speaker in the eye as they talked reassuring them that they were being heard.

Carol was fun to be with having a sense of humor that was all her own.
Carol could find a silver lining in every cloud that formed over her.
Carol could take that silver lining she found and let others see it as well.

Carol was a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a sister, an aunt and a great friend.
Carol excelled at each of these roles that she played in life.
Carol only wanted good for those in her life and did what she thought she could to help achieve that.

Carol was my sister.
Carol was my friend.
Carol was someone I looked up to.

Carol is gone now
Carol was determined to beat the cancer
she lost the battle with cancer but won the battle of life.

I hurt. I miss her. My life will never be the same without her
I am selfish. I did not want her to leave.
Other plans prevailed though, plans from a power much greater than my selfishness.

Carol is where she needs to be I guess.
But I still hurt and I still miss her.
I love you Carol.