Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It has been an extremely slim month for the blog.  I apologize.  I got to thinking that for the shortest month of the year, I should still get at least three entries, after all it is leap year so I have an extra day to get an entry squeezed in.

The reason for the lack of posts this month is very simple.  Work has been over whelming me to the point that my brain is mostly shifted into thinking about the job more than anything else.  My job is not a very interesting thing to write about so when my brain is filled with what I am working on, my imaginative part of my brain kind of goes to sleep.

The job is one of intense thinking.  I am a mechanical engineer and designer as well as a printed circuit board designer.  You know those green boards with all the connectors on them and all the little wires embedded on those boards?  That is what I design.  It is an interesting job but is very wearing on my brain.  I look at the printed circuit boards a going to work and doing a puzzle every day.  The current "puzzle" I am working on has taken over five weeks of my life at an almost non-stop pace.

I always see the end of February as the end of winter, although we do occasionally get winter weather in March her in Kansas City.  This winter was different however.  We had very little snow allowing me not to have to even touch the old snow shovel at all this year.  The temperatures have been mild.  We have note had sub-zero temperatures all winter.  Very few times have we dropped into single digits when it came to the cold.  Spring is here though there is no doubt.  Spring training has begun.  The Mizzou baseball team has begun it's hopeful run to Omaha.  The Daytona 500 has been run.  Springtime is definitely here.

It was an exciting winter watching the University if Missouri play their last season as members of the Big 12 Conference.  It has been a good year for the Tigers and I have real hopes that possibly this could be the year they finally make it to the Final Four.  What would make it even more special would be if they somehow met Kansas in the Final Four.  What a way to leave the conference.

I have managed to do fairly well mentally and emotionally during this last winter.  While depression still fights with me on an almost daily basis, I have managed to survive and keep going. It isn't as easy as it may sound.  Depression is something that can effect your thinking from moment to moment.

It has been a winter that has opened my eyes to the aging of my parents.  I feel extremely lucky to still have the both of them as we head into spring.  It was a winter when I began to make progress on getting back in touch with my siblings.  I am a loner of sorts and so it is an accomplishment to take these steps.

I have taken note as to how I have aged and changed over the years.  They say that as you age, you get wiser.  I have known many wise people in my life, some older and some not so old.  I keep waiting to hit that age when I get a little wisdom to disperse among those younger than me.  I anticipate that to happen any day now.  It would be nice to feel a little of that wisdom before I die.

It was a winter that a new political campaign for the Presidency began.  I wish I could say it has been an exciting campaign but absolutely none of the candidates have captured my imagination or appear to have a vision for the future.  President Nixon use to say that the key to capture peoples imagination was to be able to convey your vision for the future of this country.  I have seen no such vision from any of the candidates, especially our current President.

It was a winter when my son finally stepped out totally on his own.  This has been a huge growth period for Brett and one that makes me proud of him.  He is growing and taking steps towards becoming the man I know he can be. 

Well this is a short post to end a short month.  I realize it has been about nothing in particular, but I am hoping that I can get back on track with the blog in March.  I enjoy writing the blog and enjoy having a few people read it when I do release a new entry.

So for now I'll just say good bye to February, good bye to winter and welcome spring, baseball and NASCAR back into my life for one more year.  I am thinking it is going to be a good spring and a good summer.


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