Monday, May 20, 2013


During lunch today I was browsing the news on the internet.  It shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone that one of my sources for news, along with CNN and FOX is the infamous DRUDGE REPORT.  Matt Drudge could be called a conservative I suppose.  His sight goes out and grabs stories from sources around the world that the mainstream media in the United States largely ignores.

Over the past few weeks, looking at any of the three sites that I browse through has been distressing at best.  Stories of our President possibly abusing the power of his office by stealing phone calls and other notes from the Associated Press makes my skin crawl.  The administration allegedly used the IRS to shut down conservative political groups over the last few years.  And the worst of all is the terrorist attack and murder of our consulate in Lybia.  It is stomach turning stuff.

They are now comparing the Obama administration to that of President Nixon, who resigned the office out of concern for the country.  This is something a Democrat would never do from what I have seen.  You want to see bi-partisan ship and partisanship in action?  When it became clear that President Nixon would face Impeachment, a group of congressmen, led by the powerful Senator Barry Goldwater, went to the White House to tell Nixon it was over,  He would have to resign.  Nixon resigned before being impeached and saved the country a lot of turmoil.  Fast forward to President Clinton.  Clinton lied over and over to the American people.  Clinton committed perjury to a Federal Grand Jury which is a felony.  He stuck it out though and with the Democrats being more partisan than anyone could imagine, walked away without a scratch.  After he was voted innocent by the democratic controlled Senate, He and his proud Democratic congress walked out on the White House lawn to gloat about it.  There is no reason to believe that whatever laws President Obama may have broken or how he may have run afoul of the constitution, that he will leave office in a classy way.  No, he will also take the Clinton way and use partisanship to get himself out of a scandal ridden horrific second term.

However I am not here to gripe about American politics and how the Republicans and Democrats see things differently.  What I saw today on Drudge was much more disturbing than anything Obama could do to wreck the country.

On the southern end of the West Bank near some Israeli settlements this morning there appeared a scary sight.  Near an Islamic Mosque an oversized NAZI flag was seen flying in the wind.  Many Israelis drive along the road to work along with Palestinians who share the area with them.  If ever there was a symbol of how the Israelis are thought of in the middle east, this was it.  That flag is the symbol that screams anti-Semitic philosophy.  The history that follows that flag and the swastika is appalling and horrific.  It stand for mass genocide of a people as well as other groups, such as Gypsies and. homosexual hatred.  It stands for the desecration and elimination philosophy of one of histories most evil of men, that of Adolph Hitler.  It is a direct threat upon the Israelis trying to make a home.

How can anyone see that flag and not at least try to understand why the Israeli Prime Minister talks about preventive action to protect themselves.  This country which was created by a mandate from the United Nations in 1948 is trying to live peacefully, yet missiles rain down on them at any given moment.  Yes, the Israelis do fire missiles as well and sometimes they do it unprovoked.  Usually when it is unprovoked though it is in defensive thinking, in protective mode.  The same thing can be said for the Palestinian people.  This is a most fragile situation and one that has had glimmers of hope for peace every now and then before that glimmer fades off into another round of missiles being lobbed.

The thing that really bothered me though was the lack of coverage of this event by the main stream media in the United States.  Everywhere else in the world is reporting on it, realizing the significance that the NAZI flag has on the Israeli people.  It has nothing to do with Arab culture.  It is simply a grave threat to the Israelis who live along the West Bank.  It should not be tolerated by the world community.

In the United States, the NAZI flag is displayed very little, but all too often.  It is part of our freedom as Americans to display that flag if we want.  It is also our right in this country to counter protest the NAZI flag and that we do.  The members of groups that consider themselves NAZI are far outnumbered by those who are sickened by it.  This flag is a symbol of pure hatred and has no business being flown among a people who were murdered by the millions by those that swore to it.

Somethings are deemed by society as just being unacceptable.  The Confederate "Stars and Bars" is deemed by a lot of the United States as unacceptable.  A lot of our country sees it as a symbol of a past that included slavery and a racist ideal.  Personally, I see it as a part of the culture of part of the country, mainly the south.  I am not offended by it but to those whose families go back to the slave days and the civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's it is seen as a symbol us against them.  Truth be told, during the civil rights movement, a lot of segregationists did use the Confederate flag as a symbol for just that.  A symbol used to threaten those who were looking for equal rights as citizens of this great land.

Today, if a NAZI rally is held in a town or a clash over the Confederate flag occurs, you can be sure that the media will be there covering it.  Why no cover the flying of a NAZI flag over Israel?

Of all the hate crimes I can imagine, this one has to be one of the worst.

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