Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today, October thirteenth, is my birthday.  I have turned fifty four years old and am finding it hard to find a reason to celebrate.  I have a good wife, a good son and a great dog.  I know that this is much more than a lot of people can look to in their lives.  I have had my job for decades and probably will retire from the business when I come of age.  If I can get myself to stand back and look at my life overall, I can see the good things.  But I seldom get out there far enough to see all the good in my life.  I wish I knew why I think this way.

I don't remember any of my birthdays that were spent with my family while I do remember birthdays that were spent with friends and acquaintances. Birthdays have never been important to me.  Birthdays have been just another day to me my whole life.The one good thing about my birthdays I suppose is that I don't remember taking the blame for something I didn't do on those particular days.

I do not look forward to birthdays, I don't enjoy birthdays, I would prefer to never have another birthday.

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