Wednesday, October 6, 2010


There are many reasons to be hopeful and have a good outlook for the Obama Administration as the peaceful transition takes place on January 1 of next year.  There are many reasons to be watchful and concerned as well.

As historic as it is that this country elected an “African-American” man as President, my hope is that the press and the citizens in general will forget that the President is an “African-American” and begin thinking of him as an American who obviously cares about his country and wants to do what is best for it from his perspective.  This is a chance in a lifetime to elect an “African-American” and we must jump on this opportunity and take advantage to lessen the divide between the races.  I firmly believe that the more that is said about racial differences, the wider the gap becomes.  At the least, it does not narrow the gap at all.  We must all think of each of us as Americans.  Not white America, not Black America and not Hispanic America.  We are America.  And as Americans we have chosen this man to lead us for at least four years.  He is a man, and constantly adding a label to him does not increase his power or persuasion but lessens it.  He represents all of America and we should recognize that fact as early as possible by allowing him to be an American and leader of the free world.

I hope that the word “Impeachment” does not raise its ugly head once again.  This word has been thrown out too easily over the last sixteen years.  I hope that this President gets good intelligence reports from the proper departments and is able to act on that intelligence without fear of reprisal or impeachment raising its head.  I hope that the Obama administration is one that the country can trust both in making wise decisions and being of good character so we don’t have to always wonder whether or not he is doing the country’s business or his own.  I hope that this administration will finally have a bi-partisan Congress that will truly advise and consent instead of endless grilling of nominees the President has made or decisions he has made.  I hope that during this administration, responsibility is taken for decisions from all three branches of government.

I hope that this administration is able to achieve its goals without lowering the view the world has of this country and that we finish what we start.  I hope this administration sees and is aware that we can not go into the past and change things, but we must take things from where we are now and work from here on to achieve the President’s goals for this country.

Most importantly, I hope this administration selects and listens to wise advisors when making decisions that can affect the path that history will take from these decisions.  We are at a crossroads not only for America, but for the world.

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