Wednesday, October 6, 2010


At this time of Christmas, perhaps it is fitting that we look at a very personal part of the life of Elaine Renfroe.  Her religious beliefs.
(Realizing I am sending this to a public school, i trust that open minds will prevail in the release of this document to the students.  They deserve to know exactly who or what is teaching them.)

To the world outside her home, Elaine puts on the show of being a Southern Baptist.  She does this very well and has most of the people she comes into contact with fooled completely.  She was raised a southern Baptist, so she knows all the details of the faith and can explain in great detail what the beliefs are.  Beware, this is only a front as i have recently discovered, for there is a darker side to Elaine Renfroe.  A side that is darker than black.

Elaine has been involved with cults since she was young.  Her first dealings in the cult was with the cher church.  RELIGIOUSLY, Elaine would watch the sonny and cher show on a weekly basis, soaking in the hidden meanings in the mantra's of the lyrics of the song.  Indeed, the phrase "I got you babe" had a totally different and sinister meaning to the young elaine.  She further ingrained herself in the house of Cher by purchasing albums with hidden messages behind the songs.  "Gypsies, Tramps and thieves" became her motto, living each of those life styles to its fullest.

Her second cult involvement was a cult involving the hippie movement.
She became one of those hippies one night a week, sniffing incense and planning the over throw of the government based on the "evilness" of the vietnam war.  She painted flowers on her cheeks and wore flowers in her hair every sunday night.  This cult still has somewhat of a hold on her, evidenced by the fact that she still can't accept Richard Nixon as one of the greatest world leaders of this century.

Finally, the current cult she finds herself being held captive to, is the one that worships duct tape.  Evidence of this involvement is everywhere.  She decorated her car in duct tape, she carries a roll of the evil sticky stuff in her trunk at all times.  She has a duct tape coffee mug that praises the uses of duct tape, and last but definitely not least, she has a daily devotional calender that helps her praise duct tape and its uses on a daily basis.  She begins everyday by getting inspirational words from other users of duct tape.  It is not a pretty cult and one that could undermine the whole US economy eventually.

As you deal with Ms Renfroe on a daily basis, and soak in the words of wisdom she tries to force upon you, keep these facts in mind.  Remember what her true agenda is... and beware.

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