Wednesday, October 6, 2010


First off, I would like to thank my dear dear sister for allowing me to visit your class last week.  If it hadn't been for the car race, that hour would have ranked right up at the top of my weekend in Alabama.

I would like to thank the students as well.  Elaine said that if you all hadn't said it was okay for me to be there, then i wouldn't have been.
So thank you for allowing me to watch my sister in action so that I can have new things to make fun of her about.  That means a lot.

Since my dear sister didn't trust me enough to talk to you in person, Ii will have to tell you a little about myself from a remote distance.  I am in the engineering field designing printed circuit boards.  I live in Kansas City and have been here my whole life.  Now contrary to what my sister MAY have told you, I am not a smart aleck at all.  I just like to look at things from a different perspective and point out the flaws of the conventional wisdoms that float around.  Teachers will not do this because part of the requirement to become a teacher is to actually believe socialist ideas and have a willingness to teach our young minds these liberal ideas that threaten to tear down our society.

Having said that, remember when you get your grades from Ms Renfroe, that regardless of what she thinks, you did your best and your speeches were great.  English teachers, above all others, have power over their students because their grading is always dependent upon the mood they are in or if they like you or not.  Who is she to say whether your speech was good or not?  She doesn't like it so it isn't?  Personally, I didn't think too much of Kennedy's inaugural speech, but it is still considered one of the greatest of all time.  Good thing I wasn't Kennedy's English teacher I guess.  It could be a great speech to a thousand other people but if SHE doesn't like it, you are sunk.  So don't take her opinion of how you do in her class to hard.  You only have to deal with her for a few more months, then you can move on to the realities of life.

ANYWAY,  I really did enjoy my time in your class, and really enjoyed meeting all of you and hearing you make up lies to make my sister feel good about her teaching abilities (or inability's depending on your point of view).

Thanks again, and good luck in the future.

Bill Clark

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  1. That was a fun, fun day. Remember Andy and the Florida/Florida State speech? Andy is now a serviceman who has served at least one tour of duty in Afghanistan. I am so proud to have taught him. I am proud of you as well.